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What's Your Story

What is your story? Write down key points that defined your journey, relevant to your brand. Have 3 to 5 points that may be relatable to your audience.

For your story think of a place you were in pain or struggled:

_________ and the transformation you had.  _______

(before)                                                                           (after)


Examples :

  • I  went from living on my brother's couch to becoming an online media expert (Lewis Howes)

  • I grinned for 20 years for my family business, and made millions for the business, but not myself. (Gary Vee). Started Media company (now successful and famous).

What is your "Rags to riches story?"  (metaphorically speaking, as it relates to your current expertise). If you don't have "struggle" as part of your story, think about what motivated your interest in your expertise.


Write a few points about your story, as it relates to this business and your audience. After you narrow it down, add it to your Brand Media Guide.

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