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Write a Hashtag

Hashtags are used in social media to identify posts on a specific topic. Adding hashtags to your content will allow it to be discovered by other people following that hashtag. Creating a brand hashtag is a great way to unite your audience with your brand mission. #uniteyouraudience.

The best brand hashtag is a verb. What do you inspire your audience to do or be?  It can be similar to your tagline, and is a fun way to create a "movement" with your audience. Make your hashtag known, and your audience will share content and tag your brand. 

Priority level: low

For the purpose of this class, spend the least amount of time on this for now.

Hashtag examples:

  • Just do it (Nike)

  • Create Impact (Brandmakermedia)

  • Lead with Love (ileadwithlove)

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