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Write 3-5 Talking Points

What are 3-5 consistent talking points you want people to know about your brand? Have talking points to give you FOCUS, If you are interviewed, or a guest on a show, or just using social media. Establish, then repeat. Through repetition, your audience will remember these points about your business.


Use your talking points naturally in conversation, as social media content, in blog posts and videos. It's not meant to be a forced list that you will reel off when someone asks about your business. Drop them in conversation and in your content, in an organic manner. You may also create content around the points, to further spread your message. An effective way to use content, is through examples, and connecting it back to a point. 



Nails t:

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx


  1. Has a story about a red backpack when she was inventing Spanx.. The red backpack is repeated in different scenarios.  (and Spanx brand color is red). Recently, Sara offered grant money to women entrepreneurs, and each person received a red backpack. Last week, Last week, Sara was on a bike ride and had a red backpack.

  2. Empowering women. All of Spanx mssion-based events are related back to the idea that Sara Blakely supports and empowers women. It is repeated in everything they do.



Set your phone timer for 5 minutes, and think about 3-5 key points about your business. What do you want people to know and remember about your brand? 


Use your notebook, or provided pdf and brain dump several points that you would like your audience to know and remember about your brand. Once you've nailed a draft, add them to your Brand Media Guide.

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