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BrandMaker, Speaker, Author, Founder of BrandMaker Media

Creator, BrandMaker Media Method, Founder, Healthy Life Project

For the past 2 decades, Cathy has used media and entertainment to launch products, experts and businesses with huge success. Using creative multimedia approach, video and sales. she has helped launch many successful campaigns. 


Producer of an emmy- nominated TV show, she has worked on over 30 network television reality shows, as well as Co-Producing a live morning show. 

Doing presentations and sales, and using intuitive strategy, she increased a sales territory from $800k to $14 million in the first year, and over $80 million in 9 years for subsequent product launches.

In addition to working with online video and clients for the past 10 years, Cathy keeps up with the latest in social media and technology by continually testing and measuring. With a unique combined knowledge and success in sales, media, TV Producing and Social Media, She has created over 800 videos, and built many YouTube channels. Cathy uses her experience and intuition to GUIDE YOU TO SUCCESS, from clarifying your message to creating content, to optimizing your YouTube channel for organic traffic and monetization.

some of our work

In addition to client work, Cathy is the founder and creator of The Healthy Life Project, a platform to promote awareness of a healthy life style, with short, actionable videos and techniques to implement today.

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