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Write 3-5 Personality Points

If you are taking this course, you are the expert that represents your brand. What do you want your audience to know about you? In the media, people may only remember 3-5 points. You don't have to share everything about yourself. Be strategic and think about what you would like to share.


Think of 3-5 personal characteristics that represent you to share in the media,  This will guide the content you share to support those points. Choose points that will endear your audience, or make them feel they know you and are part of your exclusive world.  Focus on 3-5 points, you do not need to expose everything about yourself.


Example: Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx:

  • She's clumsy to prove that billion dollar entrepreneurs don't need to be so stuffy.

  • She loves junk food, and eats cheezits when she files.

  • Shares her family

  • Makes fun of her husband.

She then uses the content she shares to reiterate these main points. 


Once you have your personality points, share examples from your life that tell the story and show that aspect of yourself. Instead of just making the statement, "I love cheezits", show yourself on a plane, eating Cheezits, and tell the story.


Use your journal, and write 3-5 personality points to share with your audience.  From family to healthy lifestyle to personality quirks, What makes you, you. Decide what you want to share, then showcase through stories. When you decide on your final draft, add it to your Brand Media Guide.

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