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Differentiating Factor


What sets you apart? What is the differntiating factor about you, that makes you different from your competition?


As you narrow the focus of what you do for your audience, use the Problem/Solution graph in the Brand Media Guide .You can reverse engineer it if you need to. List what you know, or will or can provide, and what problem that may solve for someone

Think about your expertise and what you do. What pain points, needs or problems do you solve for people? How does you, your service or product benefit a client or audience. Problem. Solution.

Be customer-focused first. Think about your audience, and the outcome they would like.You are selling the solution, the  transformation





Write down what differentiates you in your field. What makes you unique, and a reason I may want to learn from or buy from you. Set yourself apart from others. Tell us what makes you different. Once you are done with your draft, add it the Brand Media Guide.

As part 2 in this section:

Add the Problem/Solution points to the Brand Media Guide, if you have not already done so.

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