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Module Two: Monetize Your Brand
Lesson One: Monetization Options


1. Watch the video above to learn monetization options for your business.

2. Use the "Brand Monetization Guide" pdf below to brain dump monetization ideas for your business that utilize your expertise. Select any or all of the categories mentioned in the video (and on the pdf) and list ideas. Set a timer for 10 minutes and fill out as many of the options you can think of. 

3. When you complete the brain dump, pick ONE option to create and prepare this week. You may create additional offers, though for this week, pick at least ONE that you can complete, so that you will have something ready to sell next week.

4. Using the ONE option, proceed to the Lesson that correlates with that offer, and complete your offer, from creation to set up.

5.  After you have one complete offer done, repeat. Use the lessons provided as you decide to develop your offers.


NOTE: It is NOT intended for you to do ALL of the lessons in this module. ONLY the one that correlates with the idea you want to develop as an offer. This is because of time constraints. The goal to develop at least one offer to completion, so you can start making money now and see see results. Return to these lessons at any time, as needed.



  1. Signature offer

  2. Affiliate


Ways I monetize my brand, and options.


  • Monthly retainer -  "Done for you" service package

  • Signature offer: the Brandmaker Method, a 4-step process to build your brand online. It includes the steps and the processes. The steps are:



1. Clarify

2. Monetize

3. Create

4. Distrbute

Details within each step. An example for "Clarify" is how you clarify - Mission, one-liner,  talking points,  tagline, etc.

  • I teach this process and offer it as a service / strategist 

  • use affiliate links ( Amazon Parter - for example) for products and services I recommend to help build your brand online, including equipment, apps, services.

  • I could start a blog, drive traffic, then add Google sense Ads to my page. 

  • could create and sell templates, such as video graphics/openers, story boards, content calendar planning, or other ideas. 

  • I'm currently working on the "Entrepreneur's Guide to YouTube" Ebook as a sellable product.

  • This course is a digital product.

  • A service I provide is YouTube strategy and optimization.




Braindump: Set your phone timer for 10 minutes, and write down as many monetization ideas as you can from the pdf. Use the editable pdf below or your notebook to write your ideas.


Reference your "Brand Media Guide" from last week, and work on the problem/solution graph. What problems do you solve and how? 

What products or apps do you use in your business ? What are your favorite apps, tools, books, etc, as it pertains to your business?

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