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Ann Abernethy

Media Tips to put your best "face" forward

EP. 1

"Have coffee with the camera"


It's not easy to put yourself on camera, yet video marketing is valuable and smart in today's business. People buy from people they trust, and with the right information.

Anyone can film themselves with their phone, though, when it comes to business, taking a few extra steps to ensure you look professional is key. 

Ann shares 5 tips to think about before you press "record"

1. Exercise before you film

2. Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair


1. Wear Primary colors: red, blue, green

2. Wear structured clothing 

3. Wear basic, non distracting designs and colors.

Makeup and Hair   


Ann shares her secret makeup tips, for becoming "camera ready"

using her favorite drugstore makeup. Here are a few of her favorites, mentioned in the video, and a "peak" in her bag.

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3.  Have coffee with the camera

Talk to one person.

4. Use 3-5 points in your video.


Answer in sound bites.


5. Include a call to action. 

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EP1 Guest Expert: Ann Abernethy

Broadcast Journalist, Founder, Inside Aspen, Aspen Realtor, Has bought and flipped over 33 properties,  Host of Women and Wine in Aspen, CO, former Morning show co-host with Regis Philbin

@InsideAspen       Website

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