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Set an Intention

Setting an intention is the first must-do step to anything you'd like to make happen in business or your personal life. There is something magical that happens when you  are laser-focused and write down an intention with belief and energetic conviction.


Examples from my life that started with an intention:

  • Creating multi-million dollar sales campaigns yearly for over 10 years.  Intention: This product is the best. I will share how it can benefit people, so they can make a good decision. 

  • Becoming a network television producer and working on well-known shows, as a 2nd career, with no prior experience or knowledge. Intention:  I am going to be a TV Producer and work on well-known shows, so can collaborate with a creative, successful team.

  • Getting a call (out of the blue) from the Executive Producer of "The Bachelor" asking me to meet with him in person, with only 5 months of experience in TV.  Intention: I am going to work on the Bachelor 

  • Starting the Healthy Life Project blog and YouTube channel and monetizing it.  Intention: I want to lift up 100 experts and put them on a platform to share their expertise and help others.

  • Creating this course so I can teach and create impact! Intention: Teach the Brandmaker Method to create Impact on a larger scale."

I'm sure you have a similar list, so let's add one more thing to your list. 


Download the pdf or use your journal, and write one intention for this process, to share your expertise with the world.

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Download the editable Intention PDF here or use your journal. Right click and save pdf to your desktop.
Congratulations!! You have completed the Introduction!
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