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Course Time Management

"Mindset and action are key. Schedule your day for success."



To get the most out of this course, I recommend you do two things:


  • Make building your brand a priority. Tell yourself, "I commit to this process and completing the work" with a success mindset.

  • Schedule time for this course. Plan Monday's schedule on Sunday evening. Block one to three hours to learn and take action. This will make a huge difference in productivity and hitting your goals.


I've attached a fun, editable PDF for you to use as a daily plan template. Make a calendar folder on your desktop, and create copies for each day. At the top of the page, PRIORITIZE time to work on your business, and you will see results.

Asset 8.png
Download the editable calendar PDF here. Use it to plan and prioritize your day the night before. Right click and save pdf to your desktop.
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