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and become an Industry


The BrandMaker Method

4 step framework to fast track your video marketing plan

You don't have to spend hours learning, and you don't have to do it alone.


If you are an expert, an entrepreneur or a business, and want to use video marketing to build your online presence, yet are afraid of the camera, don't know how to make a video or are not getting results from your videos? Let us help you increase your confidence, nail your talking points and get views that lead to sales! We are a full service media company and provide strategy and tools to help you build a powerful online brand, become an industry leader and make money.

Step 1: Plan

Clarify your message

Plan before you create. This is the key to getting the results and outcome you would like tachieve. Do you have a mission statement? Goal list? Talking points?

Let us help!

Step 2: Monetize

Monetization strategy

Many of our clients come to us after spending hours and hours creating content for social media, and not knowing how to monetize it. Before you create content, know what it is you are selling. This is an important step when running a business, yet often gets overlooked. How will you build trust and provide information?

Step 3: Create

Produce your  message

There are many pieces to the production process when creating video for business. From getting "camera ready" to deciding what you will create, to filming and editing.  You don't have to figure it out alone, we're here to help. Let us know where you are struggling, and we will walk alongside you to map out a plan and create your message.

Step 4: Distribute

Share your message

How and where will you share your message?

Set up social media platforms, and know key strategies for each platform. Create and optimize a YouTube channel. Create collaborations, media engagements, and more.

Side effects may include:
Increased skills and confidence to speak up, be on camera and share your message.
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