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Full Service Scope

Hire us! 


Hire a professional partner to help you build and monetize your brand online using video. Get comfortable on camera, know your key talking points, create content and build a powerful brand. Browse the services below, and let us know what you need.  Packages vary by scope.  Let's talk! 

1.  Clarify your Message

    White board session

  • Clarify your mission and vision

  • What is your Intention and impact

  • List of what to have "brand" ready

  • Key talking points

  • Differentiation

  • Personality profile for media

  • Your story and expertise

2.  Monetization Plan

      White board session

  • Define Monetization packages

  • What is your signature offer

  • Digital Products

  • Service Products

  • Tangible products 

  • Sales tips: Trust and information 

  • Pricing and contracts

3.  Create Content

  • Media training 

  • Content strategy. What will you create?

  • Content calendar

  • Pre-Production, storyboarding

  • Format

  • Film tips | 4 Key tips that you must do

  • Video clip review and feedback

  • Professional filming or you film yourself

  • Professional customized editing for all platforms

  • Social media clip editing

  • Animated Branding

  • Create a video course (we produce, film, edit)

  • Create a podcast (we produce and help you set up)

  • Create a show

4.   Distribute Your Content 

  • Target and set up social media platforms

  • YouTube - Set up and Optimization ***Recommended

  • Content distribution plan for each platform

  • SEO optimizaiton

  • Collaborations

  • Media outreach

  • Distribution planning     ...and more

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Work with us

 Intro offer

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15  minute Asessment

FREE for limited time only

Female Vlogger

one month


Intro offer 

Woman Typing

50 minutes + FREE Checklist


Side effects may include:
Increased skills and confidence to speak up, be on camera and share your message.



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