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YouTube Content


Book your 2-Hour Strategy Session

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  • Create a YouTube content and marketing plan for your channel.

  • Customized for what you need most. Initial Discovery Survey included.


A Private 2-Hour Strategy Session With Cathy Schraibman

Where You Will:

  • Create a 90 day content plan to match your goals

  • Create show outlines to optimize the use of the YouTube platform, including an Introductory video if needed.

  • Create a Long and Short form strategic video plan that fits your goals

  • Begin to create titles, keywords and tags to optimize organic reach and match your video plan.

  • Create a YouTube Marketing Strategy for Leads That is Easy to Implement NOW connected to your content, services and product offers

  • Create a social media content plan to amplify your message and views

  • Connect YouTube Monetization Options to your content content plan

  • Optimize video descriptions, tags and keywords

  • Crush the Camera with Production Tips and Tools

  • Solidify Show Format ideas

  • Learn SEO Tips and Recommendations

  • ​Use current data for what is working now on other client YouTube channels

INCLUDED: additional 30 minute 1:1 follow up

PLUS one month of email support and feedback


  • Google Doc or AirTable content organization templates

  • Google Doc Organized YouTube and social media workflow templates

  • Notion organized YouTube and social media workflow template

  • YouTube Show format template

  • Short form video template

  • Google Doc Outreach template for channel guest

  • YouTube video Format templates


  • A YouTube channel

Book your 2-Hour Strategy Session

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