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Walker mckay

4 tips to Accelerate Your Brand online

EP. 3

"asking questions is better than giving answers"


It's not easy to build an online brand, though there are a few things you can do to establish your expertise and brand awareness. 

Walker shares 4 tips using sales and your expertise to establish authority in your industry online.

1. Create opinions that stand for your brand


Share opinions that matches your brand.

Asking questions is better than giving answers. Don't tell, ask. 

Communicate opinions to differentiate yourself. People will either be 

Find 1000 raving fans (Seth Godin).

2. Post your opinions on social media

Post your opinions daily.  The more you post, the more results you will get. The more visible you are, the faster your brand will grow.

1. Instagram

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. LinkedIn

3. Have a call to action.

Include a call to action for all of your content. A few examples are 

1. Sign up for my email

2. Grab a freebie

3. Click here

4. Buy this

5. Learn more

6. Visit site

7. Fill out a form


4. Have a newsletter

Send a weekly newsletter to keep your brand top of mind. Include what you are reading, what you are talking about, wha people need to know about your brand.

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