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Jillian Livingston

Use Social Media to drive traffic to your products or services

EP. 2

"Connect connect connect"


EP. 2  Producer Notes

Cathy, founder, Brandmaker media

Embrace social media, and use it to drive traffic to your products and services. 

1. Start a blog

Take 20 minutes a day and write your blog. 

Then choice social media platforms to 

2. Build an email list

Grow your email database, so that you have an email list of interested potential  customers and clients. 

Ways to grow your email list: 


  • Go to networking events and work the room. Exchange business cards 

  • Connect with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn.

  • Know your target audience and your ideal client's persona. This will also help you with your keywords, for optimizing your blog and content.  

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3.  Engage

Engagement and giving back are two of the most important things. When you are first starting out, you may be doing everything, including posting and engaging on social media. Just do it. Nobody knows your product better than you, so it should be you that starts out doing your social media.

Engage and give back as much as you can. 

4. Connect with influencers 

  • Connect with influencers that have larger audiences than you. 

  • Connect with influencers in your field. 

  • See how you can help others, and reach out.

  • Create backlinks on each others sites


5. Media outreach

Go to non-profit radio or TV stations. Be a guest or provide information that they can use as content.  

Be as helpful as you can to those that are already playing big. Ask them how you can help them, or show them a solution that you can provide for them.


6. Connect

Connect with as many people as you can. Bring people together as much as you can in your line of business. Don't see them as competitors.

7. Set a schedule

Set a schedule for social media so it doesn't become overwhelming to you. Take 20 minutes a day to grow and build your channels. 



Social media will expand your world. Just get started. 

EP. 2

Behind the Camera


Join us "Behind the Camera", as Jillian Livingston, founder of Aspen Real Life, Aspen Business Connect and Jillian's Real Life, tells us why she started blogging, a few perks of blogging, and the #1 thing she does to Manifest

what you want in business and in your personal life. 

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Episode 2 Guest Expert: Jillian Livingston

Founder, Executive Producer, Aspen Real Life, Aspen Business Connect, and Jillian's Real Life.  Jillian is an author, speaker and super connector who brings together community through digital and in-person events as she spreads her warmth and passion for friends, family and business. 

@Aspenreallife,  Website

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