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8 Week Emmersive Virtual Training

Share your expertise, make money and create impact.


Starts June 29 


Clarity your message and communicate it consistently 


Doing business means making money. Monetize your expertise

Create content strategy. Media and production tips to look pro



Distribute your message.

Collaborate, connect.

The Full BrandMaker Experience.

All from the comfort of your home.

The world is staying home more now because of the Coronavirus. Businesses that have an online presence are more likely to succeed. If you are a service-based business and want a powerful online presence, this is for you. Or, if you have a skill or knowledge that you'd like to share with the world, yet are overwhelmed with how, you are in the right place.   It is your obligation to share your expertise online, so that you can help more people and create impact. Build a solid foundation using a step-by-step process, with an experienced guide, accountability and support. Work from the convenience of your home with weekly real time coaching AND (because this is a Beta course) have input to achieve your goals.

Weekly Action steps sent to your inbox.

Weekly live Q/A with Cathy, founder BrandMaker Media

Do it all from the comfort of you home or living room

Get coaching and feedback from through the entire process.

Learn media tips and production to set yourself up like a pro

Use a proven step-by-step framework 

Clarify, Monetize, Create and Distribute your message

Create a strategy and plan for your content and distribution

Get secret insight and tips from Cathy and other experts

Create a solid plan to monetize your message.

Clarify and monetize your message to build a powerful online brand and establish yourself as an expert. Jumpstart your online 

presence now, and get ahead, during this shift to a more virtual world.

Jumpstart Your Brand

Registration Includes:

8 weeks of step-by-step actionable instruction  

Virtual coaching and feedback throughout the process

Digital workbooks and


Support and accountability with like-minded entrepreneurs

Content live and available for 60 days upon completion.

BONUS: In-depth feedback customized for you, for relevant guidance.

Jumpstart your brand online.  Here's how:







What Makes this Course So Special?

 It's About Guidance and Accountability

You'll have a step-by-step process and access to Cathy throughout the entire brandmaking process to get your message, monetization and distribution plan right..

Weekly Q/A provides instant feedback from experts

Leave with the idea that you've had, created into a reality.

Have accountability to get the work done

Have a strong foundation to monetize your expertise. to make money

Have a support team to to help you implement each step.

Set up to be an expert in your field.

What's Included?

The roadmap

Are you ready to stand out in the media?


Learn the roadmap to success using our four-step framework to build YOUR powerful online presence, establish authority and make money.  

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