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Are you ready to build your brand online, establish your expertise, make money and create impact?

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Hi! I'm Cathy

Founder, Creator of the BrandMaker Method

I'm an Online media strategist, television producer + sales and content marketing expert.

Producer of an Emmy-nominated TV show 

and multi-million dollar sales producer

I bring a unique 360 approach with experience 

in sales, media, video and television to


Fast Track your online biz.

I'll guide you step-by-step. 

Are you overwhelmed with information, spending hours and hours researching how to build an online brand? Are you learning from experts in each area (Instagram, Facebook, sales, funnels, video, etc) and trying to put the pieces together?


I've been there. I spent over two years consuming every bit of content I could find to learn how to build an online business. Every person is teaching a specific niche, with continuous videos to watch, a barrage of emails, and hours and hours of viewing. How do you put it all together? Where do you start first? 

If you're like me, you need a roadmap to lay out the steps in order, with quick actionable tips and tools to set up your online business fast. 


I'll make it easier for you. Through years of experience and working with clients, the BrandMaker Media framework provides a step-by-step roadmap to build an online customer-focused brand. This is not slick funnels or desperate Facebook lives.  This is a customer first, online presence to showcase your expertise, establish authority, help you change lives and make money. DIY through BrandMaker Academy or hire us to walk alongside you.

You don't have to do it alone!


What our clients are saying

Cathy is a southern powerhouse. She has one of the greatest assets a person can have, which is the gift of listening. When I worked with Cathy, she heard my point of view and was able to provide me with spot on suggestions for catch phrases and clarity of direction for my brand. I am continually inspired working with Cathy and look forward to the magic we create in the future. You are lucky if you have Cathy on your side.


Leigh Koechner

Comedienne, author, speaker

Cathy is a superhero with a  strategic approach and also  helping us clarify our message and talking points. If you've never been on camera, and want to get comfortable fast, hire BrandMaker Media to coach you on your message and camera. Also to film or edit your project for all social platforms.

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Tatyana Stevens

Founder, Better Green Designs

Cathy brings her A game to every project. We have worked together for over 8 years, from television to working with clients. She's trustworthy, has great insights, and a great asset to have on your team. 


Mike Waters

Founder, Big Jig Entertainment

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