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Clarify Before You Amplify

Get clear on your brand message before you amplify it, to avoid the "Look Up"



Create a Brand Media Guide for your brand

Clarify your message before you amplify it to build a solid foundation for your brand.

Have you ever noticed, when you ask a service-based entrepreneur what they do, and they hesitate, with a one to two second glance up, before they answer? It's a subtle move, though if you notice the hesitation, it's a giveaway that they aren't exactly clear on their message. In some cases, their hesitation may make you hesitant to do business with them.

Here are the 4 steps to conquer the "look up":


To keep it simple, answer these questions

  • What problem do you solve In 3 to 5 words

  • How do you solve it, what is your value proposition?

  • What is your superpower or differentiating factor? You are not a commodity, so tell me why

  • How can I work with you?

EXAMPLE using Cathy, founder Brandmaker Media:

  • What problem do you solve: fear, overwhelm and being stuck (to build your brand)

  • How do you solve it? with a 5 step proprietary process, the Brandmaker Method, through 1:1 strategy, courses and done for you work.

  • What is your superpower? A 360 approach, with success in sales, media, producing, video, youtube and more, I help you fill in the gaps as you build your brand with a 360 approach to brand building.

  • How can I work with you? Book a free brand strategy call, and we will determine what you need most help with and customize a plan for you.


Practice speaking about your brand. The more you practice, the more you will get clear. Record yourself using your phone, watch it. delete it, make adjustments and keep going. The more you practice, the more it will evolve. The experts who make it seem easy, have probably put in years of practice.

"Practice speaking about your brand. The more you practice, the more you will get clear."

Tip #3 - AMPLIFY

Share your message in person and online. Once you are clear, spread your message. A clear, concise, consistent message wins.


Just as comedians work out their jokes in small crowds, then tweak them after they see what works and what doesn't, do this with your brand message. Try a few options, get feedback and iterate. It's a process.

Conquer the "look up". Get clear on your brand message and practice saying it with out having to think or hesitate before you say it. it's a process we all go through.

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