I am a voracious reader of nonfiction and personal growth books. With the ups and downs of running your own business, books are a great source of inspiration and motivation. It keeps me positive on down days, and even more motivated on great days. Having a positive mindset is key. Books are powerful.  Hopefully, you will be inspired too.

Do you have an idea that you'd like to pursue, and feel resistance to take action? Learning that most people have to overcome resistance when pursuing a creative endeavor was a breakthrough moment for me. The War of Art" will change your perspective and re-energize you to stay strong and focused, and overcome the resistance that may be in your way. 


If you need motivation to achieve a higher level of success in all areas of your life, this book is one of the best! It provides strategies to immediately implement in all areas of life, from relationships to decision making to work. When I've struggled throughout the years, I have this by my side to offer solid skills and strategies to push through. Use the table of contents to go directly to a page you need.


Do you have an idea that you are inspired to pursue, yet feel the "imposter syndrome"? The feeling like, "who am I to do this?" This feeling of resistance is normal. A new idea is a new creation. It's not like anything you've seen or done before, so making it a reality is a risk and a new experience. There is no clear pathway to follow. You are creating it. This is a great read to learn to trust yourself. Jen Sincero shares her experiences to encourage you to go for your dreams.


This classic international bestseller is one of the first books I read, when I started in business. Norman Vincent Peale is one of the pioneers of self improvement, and the he provides inspiration and motivation to empower you for success in all areas of your life. Change your life instantly with the practical techniques in the book. On days when things aren't easy, reading a few chapters or listening on audible, makes a huge difference.


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