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Share your expertise to amplify your influence, income and impact.

Gain clarity and confidence to Step into the Spotlight

online and offline.

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YOU are ready to share your expertise and build a powerful brand online, though here's the problem:

You are overwhelmed. You have expertise to share, yet aren't sure where to start, what to focus on, or what type of content to create.

You feel fear. You know you are meant for bigger things and were put on this earth to create impact, though you feel doubt about putting yourself out there. You worry your high school friends or former co-workers will make fun of you. 

You are wasting time. You've been scrambling to learn everything you can, watching YouTube videos, listening to Podcasts, watching Instagram REELS,  though it takes hours and hours of time and nothing fits together. You are left confused and not sure how to put the pieces together.

You have lack of knowledge. You aren't sure where to share your content or how to repurpose it to fit a media platform. 

You are not clear on your message or how to speak in the media

You don't want to dance and point to text bubbles on REELS and TikTok, you want to look professional.

You don't know what tools are apps to use to save you time and money.

You need support, feedback and accountability
I know, I've been there too! I spent over 997 hours learning social media in my first year on social media! You don't have to do it alone. As your personal media strategist and Producer, I'm here to help you fast track! Save time, effort and money.


Fast track your success:
Work Desk

Brandmaker Academy
Build Your Brand Online

90 days to Expert Authority 

Self-guided training + Weekly Q/A Zoom meetings

  • 90 days of guidance and accountability

  • Weekly lessons and assignments sent to your inbox each Monday for 12 weeks.

  • Lessons are self-guided video and written lessons with pdfs, templates and worksheets

  • Weekly Q/A group zoom call for 12 weeks

  • Build your brand from A-Z 

  • Create content to drive traffic to your paid products and services

  • Content templates to streamline content creation.

$ 1497

Brandmaker Academy
Build Your Brand Online

Course only

Self Guided Training

  • Videos, pdfs, self-guided coures

  • Monthly Q/A on zoom.

  • Get clairity on your message

  • Get clarity on your offer

  • Create a 90 day solid content strategy

  • Learn how to repurpose and distribute your message.

  • Gain confidence to communicate in the media

  • Tips for delivering your expertise

  • Production tips to look and sound PRO

  • Learn to succinctly communicate your message.

  • Practice and get feedback

$ 497.00
Filming a Video
Working Woman

Half Day VIP Intensive 1:1

Intensive three hour 1:1 to create your content strategy + (3) 30 minute follow up meetings within 90 days for Q/A, feedback and accountability

Share your expertise to establish authority online with the help of your very own " personal producer. "  

  • CO-Create your strategic content plan in a  three hour,  1:1 intensive with Cathy.

  • Create 1-3  90 day goals

  • Clarify your message and offering

  • Create a 90 Day strategic content plan to support your offering

  • Production Toolkit delivered to your door::  includes my favorite ring light and lavelier mic to help you standout like. a PRO

  • Accountability. follow up with (3) 30 minute follow up calls for Q/A, one per month for three months

$ 2497.00


Entrepreneur's Guide to Clarify Your Message

  • Create a Brand Media Guide as talking points to write or speak in the media

  • Clarify your message 

  • Get clear on your mission

  • Build a clear, concise consistent message for the media, the secret to success! 

   VALUE: $97

Brand Media Guide COVER.png

Purchase additional "Done for you" CREDITS 

​We teach you to DIY or hire the Brandmaker Team to do it for you!  Some examples:

  • One hour video editing done for you (2 credits)

  • One hour consulting/feedback  (2 credits)

  • Create social media video clips (2 credits)

  • Create your YouTube channel (2 credits)

  • Create Youtube thumbnails (2 credits)

  • Create your YouTube animated intro (5 credits)

   Bundle: $1000 for 10 credits

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